Simple and easy professional document scanning.
EXPaper Inc. securely provides high quality Professional Document Scanning and Legal Document Scanning Services. Electronic Imaging is the quickest and most effective way to archive paper documents.  EXPaper Inc. provides Backup Imaging and Scans Medical Records to aid in the conversion to a HIPAA Compliant paperless medical practice. Document Scanning is a quick and easy solution for converting paper files from paper to Electronic Images. EXPaper Inc. Scans Legal Documents for law firms in an ongoing process to free up office space and save on costly storage fees.

Benefits of using EXPaper: EXPaper's per-page price includes:
- Scanning is cost-effective
- Reclaim valuable office space
- Eliminate costly storage
- Retrieve documents in seconds
- Easily print, email, and fax scanned images

- Simple indexing
- Document preparation & scanning
- Documents on DVD (300 DPI)
- Free certified document destruction
- Shredded documents are recycled

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