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Medical Record Scanning

Scanning is the first step towards paperless medical records. EXPaper's patient chart scanning service is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to have your medical records available at the click of a mouse, for single doctor practices up to large healthcare organizations. No more searching for charts. Having computer access to your charts eliminates the need for costly storage and opens up valuable office space.

EXPaper allows access to your medical records during the scanning process, so you will never be without critical patient information. Security of your charts is our #1 priority.


Complete Legal Document Scanning

Scanning legal documents has never been easier. EXPaper can scan your archives to usb drive in a quick and cost effective process. Scan your legal documents instead of storing them!


All Inclusive 5 cents

Our All Inclusive 5 cents per page includes: Indexing (up to 3 index fields), Document Preparation (removal of staple, clips, post its etc.), Scanning (300 dpi), Quality Control, USB Drive and FREE shredding. EXPaper includes a detailed report with each document scanned and how many pages were in that document set.

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The EXPaper Story

HIPAA Compliant

EXPaper Inc is owned by hard working American Women. All work is done in the United States.

EXPaper Inc. was created in 2000, when we saw the need for digitizing paper medical and legal records. The need still remains. So many practices have bankers boxes at big storage facilities, then find it impossible to access documents. With EXPaper Inc., your paper records will be available instantly. They can be stored on a server or usb drive. They are then digitally available in case of fire, theft or natural disaster. Document Scanning is a quick and easy solution for converting paper to digital images. This eliminates costly storage fees

EXPaper Inc. focuses on the need for digital security and for medical practices to be HIPAA Compliant in our ever changing technology world. We know the HIPAA laws and rules and everything we do is in compliance with Electronic Medical Records. The scanned records are in .pdf format and can be uploaded to most EMR's. EXPaper Inc is the best solution for scanning paper to digital images.

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Expaper inc use quality high speed production scanners which produce the best possible image

The scanners are equipped with double feed protectionand auto color adjustment for every type of paper.


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